Therapy Program

The Sensation Nation Therapy program provides occupational therapy (OT) services. From a registered and licensed occupational therapist .An OT evaluation will be administered upon intake to provide a baseline of functioning, to identify problem areas, and determine appropriate developmental goals and objectives.The Sensation Nation’s Therapy programs services are for children who have functional deficits in:

  • Upper extremity strength and control
  • Postural strength and control
  • Bilateral motor coordination
  • Sensory processing
  • Self regulation
  • Fine motor/dexterity
  • Motor planning and sequencing
  • Learning

The frequency and duration of the OT sessions are determined through the results of the evaluation. A super bill will be provided at the end of each month and will have the appropriate CPT codes for submission to insurance carriers. At this time, The Sensation Nation does not directly bill  insurance companies. Each family is responsible for their own insurance reimbursement and authorization.  Appropriate documentation is available upon requests.

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