Handwriting Classes


There are no handwriting classes offered at this time.  Please check back for updates.  The Sensation Nation is offering handwriting enrichment classes to students from pre-kindergarten through second grade. Sessions are designed to facilitate good handwriting habits.Enable the students to feel successful with written language. This and provides them with the opportunity to use their brain energy on the content of what is written rather than the mechanical process of letter or sentence production.

Successful handwriting skills are essential for building a strong foundation for a student’s education. There are several underlying reasons that may be affecting a student’s ability to develop the skills of written language. When these skills are not mastered to the educational expectations of their grade level this will likely affect the speed, legibility, comprehension, ideation, and confidence surrounding written work. In addition, a student may develop negative attitudes and behaviors associated with academics and learning.

Sessions are taught by a registered and licensed occupational therapist.
Eight-session course designed for groups limited to 4 students. Students must be able to function in a group of this size.
Each 50-minute class focuses on specific handwriting concepts related to the group level (letter formation, sizing, spacing, directionality, etc.).
Incorporates developmental and sensory-based frameworks of learning for ensured success (bilateral coordination, ocular-motor skills, visual perceptual skills, body awareness, tactile discrimination, fine motor coordination and correct pencil grip).
Pre and post session assessments to establish baseline and progress.
Weekly homework assignments provided (but optional to turn in), and parent newsletter to share key concepts and ideas.

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